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A word about Teams. We did not invent teams, you, the participants requested the ability to form your own teams. It has been a great success. So we now add the name of the largest team and the team which donates the most money  to the back of our race shirts on the following year. For 2017, Team Sharing was our largest team and Team Amanda was the most generous will be recognized on the 2018 shirts.

​There are 99 awards for this event, and with a field of almost 400 participants tallying up the results can take some time if done manually. We will use chip timing this year to speed the process and get you on your way quickly, if that is what you want.

If you are not in a rush to leave, DJ Patch will be returning to play party music.

Discounted registration for kids of $20. 

And more to come!

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Nancy's Mother's Day Run Walk began as a fun run/walk from our home and around our neighborhood. Pictures from the early days are to the right!

We considered it an alternative Mother's Day event which offered friendship fun and snacks to many friends. It started off slow and grew each year. In 2015 we outgrew both our house and the parking area on our street and decided to open it up to everyone. 

We chose a cause that we believed  needed more attention,  visibility and money to start to make a difference.